Surface Cleaning and Power Washing.

LadyBird uses professional-grade equipment for home, garage, and driveway cleanup. LadyBird chooses bio-friendly chemicals and detergents (when available) to protect our local landscape and offers waste water filtration to keep pollutants from entering the local water source. We use professional equipment with water pressure up to 4000 PSI (rated at 5-8 GPM), allowing for a powerful and quick clean of a variety of surfaces.  Improper and untrained use of equipment has the potential to cause a lot of damage; therefore, our well-trained employees will ensure that your surfaces are cleaned in a safe and efficient manner.

Residential Surface Cleaning.

Brick, Stucco, Stone (Natural), and Concrete Surfaces, Parking Garages, Decks, Vinyl Sidings, Shutters, Porches, Tiles, Sidewalks, Driveways.

Commercial Surface Cleaning.

Parking Lots/Garages, Apartments Complexes, Shopping Centers, Sidewalks.